Why Google Ads advertising?

Google advertising should be part of every company's marketing strategy. In fact, it is often the most effective marketing tool. I'm almost certain that after reading this, you'll agree.

First, let's have a simplified refresher on what Google Ads actually is. Google Ads consists of two main parts:

  1. Search Advertising: These are the ads that appear on Google's search results page. The advertiser defines the keywords for which they want their ads to appear. You only pay for clicks. Below is an example of a search ad.

  2. Display Advertising: This is similar to traditional banner advertising. The ads are often static images, but animated ads can also be used. Ads are shown in Google's Display Network based on specific targeting criteria. You're charged either per click or per impression. Below is an example of a display ad.


As we can see, Google Ads is actually a system composed of a couple of separate pieces. Each part of the system has its own tricks and strategies for achieving the best performance. It may seem simple at first glance, but it actually requires good analytical skills and creativity.

Now, let's get to the point.

What makes Google Ads so effective? Why does Google advertising almost always generate the highest quality leads and transactions? Why should Google advertising be the first step in your company's marketing?

With Google Ads, you reach ready-to-buy individuals.

Did you know that in Finland, there are companies whose revenue growth is mostly attributed to Google? The reason for this is that everyone is on Google. Google has become such a big part of our daily lives that we may not even notice it. The term "Googling" is already an everyday term in our vocabulary. Who benefits from this? Skilled search advertisers.

People search for various reasons. When you can identify the search intent behind different keywords, you present your business to potential buyers at just the right moment. When someone is in the market for the service or product you offer, you're most likely on their consideration list. As a result, you get more inquiries and more sales.

You make yourself and your brand known.

Google Display Network includes about 2 million web pages, and it allows you to reach almost every Finnish internet user. A picture speaks a thousand words, and whether we like it or not, marketing subconsciously influences how we perceive different companies and brands. A visually appealing ad that supports your company's overall appearance is an effective way to stand out from competitors.

While search advertising targets actively interested individuals, display advertising goes further: you make contact with people who may not be aware of your company, or even customers of your competitors. On the other hand, you can activate your old customers for repeat purchases and keep your brand visible while potential customers are still considering their purchase decisions.

You benefit from the most effective tool in digital marketing.

One thing that many experienced marketers often forget is remarketing. Whether it's B2C or B2B commerce, purchase decisions are rarely made on the first visit. The more valuable the product, the more consideration it requires. Through remarketing, you can show tailored display ads to people who, for example, have visited a specific page on your website.

For example, some people may open multiple tabs in their browser and compare different providers. Some may add the product to their cart but forget to complete the purchase. You may have sent an offer to some, but the request for a quote may have been made to competitors as well. In these cases, you want to remind them of your existence at specific intervals. For cart abandoners and contemplators, you can show a reminder ad or offer a small discount. In the case of online stores, you can display ads for the specific products people have browsed on your site through dynamic remarketing. Below is an example of remarketing.


As a result of well-executed remarketing, you almost double your chances of success: according to a study by analytics company Criteo.com, the probability of purchase for people who have seen remarketing increased by 70%.

Quick results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Many think that search engine optimization (SEO) is a better way to gain visibility on Google than advertising. However, the situation is not so black and white: SEO requires high-quality content above all, and reaching the front page for competitive keywords can take months or even years of work - and success is still not guaranteed in the midst of Google's constant algorithm updates.

In natural search results, only the top results on the first page gather the majority of clicks: if your page is on the second page or at the bottom of the first page, you'll get only crumbs from clicks on that keyword.

With Google Ads, on the other hand, you can appear as the first result if you want. So, you're in front of your competitors, and visitors start coming to your site immediately. Over time, campaign effectiveness can be further improved by studying the performance of different keywords and ads, using data provided by web analytics program Google Analytics, for example.

You know what you're paying for - almost everything is measurable.

Google's entire business is fundamentally based on information - and in digital marketing, knowledge (and its skilled interpretation) allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing down to the cent. Every ad click is traceable. With properly done analytics (such as conversion tracking), you know which keywords are effective and how much you should pay for clicks coming from them.

With Google Ads, you're not throwing money into a marketing black hole, but you stay clear on its effectiveness.


In conclusion, Finns make 30 million searches through Google every day. 95% of clicks go to the first page search results. In English, there are about a billion searches made every day. I'm sure you want your share of these visitors. For the price of a single newspaper ad, you can potentially reach over 10,000 interested visitors.

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