Customer Reviews

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Tuomo Ahonen

Josira Oy

A highly competent team, they have handled things exceptionally well, and the service has been knowledgeable and friendly. I've seen the benefits of their service in the statistics.

Joel Wulff

Uplus Oy

Nostamo got our Google Ads results to rise in less than a month, and the good results have continued since then. Communication is seamless, and dealing with them is easy. They clearly know what they're doing!

Jussi Vepsäläinen

Autokorjaamo Vepsäläinen

Several advertising agencies have tried to build profitable Google advertising for my company, but only Nostamo succeeded. As a result of our collaboration, the number of conversions has increased, the conversion rate has improved, the cost of customer acquisition has halved, and Google advertising is now a profitable investment. There has been a significant change in the entire business.

Kimmo Riipinen

Onekey Partners S&R Oy

Nostamo Oy has been managing the Google advertising for our two business units for about a year. The results are excellent. The expertise and customer service are truly straightforward and professional. Monitoring and reporting of results are clear and transparent. I can highly recommend their services.

Ville Mäkelä

EV Lataus Oy

In a short period, Nostamo has shown to be a true professional in Google marketing. In this industry, it seems to be a common practice to make bold promises about the effectiveness of marketing, and various account audits are used to sell the moon and stars. Having tested several agencies, Nostamo is the only partner whose operations I can sincerely say I am 100% satisfied with.

Ninarose Keltto

Pikavuokraus Oy

Good and reliable service, competent, friendly, and knowledgeable team. We have achieved good results in the Google marketing of our machine rental company, Pikavuokraus.

Kaarle Parikka

Plan Brothers Oy

We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with Nostamo at Falcony (B2B SaaS). The operation is professional, customer-centric, and flexible.

Kim Huhtavaara

Kotisiivous Kimallus Oy

Cooperation with Nostamo significantly eased my life because I no longer had to spend my own time on marketing but could focus on what I do best. The service is excellent. Response times have been exceptionally fast, and the service has been personal. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Nostamo to everyone who has struggled with ineffective and expensive marketing. I have been very satisfied with the ease of service and especially its efficiency.

Jere Hedman

Hohdepinnoitus Oy

Our Google advertising before the start of the cooperation was very small and was done on our own, and the cost of one lead was very high. Cooperation with Nostamo has significantly facilitated our expansion to another location. The development of advertising has been directly reflected in the number of inquiries and order volumes. Nostamo knows their business, the reports are clear and accurate, and they arrive on time. We have made the necessary development work for campaigns and tried new campaigns based on the 'analyses' made from reports.

Teemu Mettovaara

iHelp Finland Oy

Nostamo is genuinely interested and committed to the customer's marketing development. From the beginning, we have agreed that the cooperation must be fruitful for both parties, which we have succeeded excellently. We are very convinced that Nostamo is growing our business together with us. We can recommend Nostamo to companies looking for a professional partner for Google marketing, even if previous companies have not been profitable.

Jaana Hautala

Oivaltamaan Oy

I strongly recommend Nostamo as a partner for entrepreneurs of all sizes. Perhaps the biggest stumbling block for my company was that I used to plan Google Ads marketing myself, and I couldn't track it or get the desired results. So marketing money went as if wasted.

Optimasiivous Oy

Our website received a vigorous boost from Nostamo Oy in the spring of 2020. We had previously struggled on our own expertise and with leaflet ads and vague ad cards from Fonecta. In three months, contacts have increased by 150% since we started working with Nostamo in 2020. Growth has continued steadily even after that, with a 30% annual development. We have also received a lot of advice on developing our website. Thank you for this skilled team.