106% increase in sales for the online store offering electric vehicle charging solutions - "Having tried several agencies, Nostamo is the only partner I can sincerely say I am 100% satisfied with."

EV Charging Ltd is a retail specialized in electric vehicle charging solutions. The company has its own warehouse and store in Tampere, but sales primarily occur online. EV Charging receives praise from its customers, particularly for its lightning-fast delivery and easily installable, high-quality products. Another distinguishing factor is the excellent customer service, which the company provides not only through digital channels but also over the phone.

Our collaboration began in the turn of 2021-2022. After nine months of collaboration, online store sales have grown by 106% compared to the nine months prior to the partnership. The online store's analytics were not in order before the collaboration began, so more specific metrics cannot be presented. Instead, Ville Mäkelä, the entrepreneur at EV Charging, gave a comprehensive assessment of the success of the collaboration.

In a short time, Nostamo has proven to be a true professional in Google marketing. It seems to be customary in the industry to make bold promises about the effectiveness of marketing and to sell the moon and stars in various account audits. Having tried several agencies, Nostamo is the only partner whose operation I can sincerely say I am 100% satisfied with.

"I have particularly appreciated the following aspects of Nostamo's operation: - The customer is not forcibly committed for months on end. - The customer is not aggressively sold additional features whose profitability is irrelevant for advertising returns. - The groundwork is done meticulously, and marketing goals are set while listening to the customer's wishes. - Some new Google 'tools' can be tried on a one-time basis even with a small budget, and if they don't work, they are discarded. - The customer is explained in detail (sometimes without even asking) what is being done and why. - Possible problem situations are responded to promptly, and advertising accounts are monitored and developed without the customer having to intervene. - Questions that are on your mind receive a clear answer quickly, which quickly shows that the people in charge know what they're doing. - The people at Nostamo are extremely humble, even though their approach exudes a firm grip on execution. When you become a partner with this bunch, you'll notice that things aren't handled with fancy advertising speeches, but with concrete evidence."

As an online store entrepreneur, I have noticed that by far the most important thing to increase sales is to target marketing correctly. There are many marketing channels, but based on reports, we have definitely received the most value for our money with Google marketing. It has been a pleasure to see that the turnover of our online stores (evlataus.fi / cloudboots.fi) has grown significantly when Nostamo took over the advertising accounts."

As Ville's comment indicates, the successful collaboration was extended in March to also cover another online store owned by EV Charging. Cloudboots offers pressure therapy products designed to accelerate recovery and promote overall body well-being. The results for this online store were similarly positive, with significant growth in sales.

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