Do you want to find out the performance of your Google Ads account?

In the audit, we examine your company's Google Ads account with experience from hundreds of audits. We identify any factors that may be affecting the performance of your advertising and provide recommendations for improving its effectiveness. Please send the attached form, and we'll get back to you no later than the next business day!

Current status
How much is the return on advertising? By analysing conversion data, we can swiftly obtain answers and come up ideas for further developement of the account. If your company already employs conversion tracking, we can conduct an even more detailed analysis of advertising effectiveness.

Conversion tracking allows us to trace the origin of inquiries (for service companies) and purchase transactions (for online stores) back to specific marketing channels.

Is your advertising reaching the right audience? Precise targeting is a cornerstone of effective Google advertising.

As part of the audit, we evaluate your current targeting efforts and offer recommendations for improvement.

Ad messages
Are the ad texts crafted according to best practices and kept technically up-to-date? Given the technical nature of Google advertising, ads follow a specific structure that yields the best results. We assess the ads and offer our insights on them.
The other stuff
A well-constructed Google Ads account consists of many small factors, noticeable only through years of experience. We examine the ad account, aiming to identify factors that may be undermining the performance of the advertising.

Additionally, you will receive a couple of insider tips on Google Ads!