Aiming for Outstanding Results and First-Class Service

Nostamo is a specialized agency in Google Ads advertising. Our approach is rooted in the belief that our growth is intertwined with our customers'. Unlike conventional sales-driven agencies, we see ourselves as partners dedicated to uplifting our clients' businesses. We are firm believers that by prioritizing the quality of our service, we, too, experience growth.

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Our Operations Are Based on Measurable Results and Their Continuous Improvement


Result Orientation

We have been able to improve the results of almost all our clients. Maximizing the return on the client's advertising investment guides our actions.



The client always has a clear view of the state and results of their advertising. No metrics are hidden. We are easily reached if desired.



Since 2017, we have exclusively focused on Google Ads advertising. This allows us to deliver results that others cannot. We have been an official Google Partner since 2019.


Leading expertise in Finland with a combined experience of nearly 20 years in Google Ads.

Risto Kaisko

Sales and New Customer Acquisition
+358 40 8297490

Mikko Lintunen

Customer Relations
+358 40 5245243

Laura Viljamaa

Google Ads Specialist
+358 40 1262751